Question: My bank says I need to have a permanent foundation to qualify for financing. Does your system qualify?
Answer: The National Foundation Systems foundation system, with site specific engineering, is accepted as a permanent foundation for all types of financing.

Question: Will there be concrete poured on site?
Answer: No, all concrete components of the National Foundation Systems system are precast and delivered to the site fully cured, and at full strength. Complete curing before applying any load eliminates the initial cracking problems that are common when site-poured concrete is used for Factory Built home foundations.

Question: How many support columns will I need?
Answer: The standard double wide Factory Built Home requires only 12 of the Primary Support Columns and a standard triple wide would require 18. The actual size and specifications of your home will determine the exact number of support columns you will need.

Question: If I use your system, will my double wide home still need tie downs?
Answer: In Wind Zone I, the combined lateral force capabilities of all support columns and the weight of your home, are sufficient to achieve the “tie down” effect required for these winds. Additionally, the traditional tie-downs are highly directional, whereas the National Foundation Systems system effectively opposes high wind from any direction. So, this unique design of the system allows for performance in the vast majority of all geographic areas without any cumbersome tie-down straps, or anchors. In Wind Zones II and III, additional tie downs will be required.

Question: I live in California. How does your system perform in earthquakes?
Answer: Through “base isolation technology, the National Foundation Systems System meets the toughest earthquake building requirements in the U.S. It is certified by the State of California as an earthquake foundation, for use in all earthquake zones, including the most rigorous Seismic Zone 4.

Question: Can I back fill against it?
Answer: The concrete surround wall may be back-filled 14 to 18 inches and landscaped against. Painting and other surface treatment options are the same as for Hardy Plank.

Question: What about Frost Depth or Frost Heave?
Answer: The National Foundation Systems system has been engineered to work in frost depths up to 40 inches. Feel free to contact us directly if your situation calls for anything over 40 inches.

Question: How does this system compare to the cost of a concrete slab or runners?
Answer: For a new double wide home a home buyer can save between 30% – 45%, compared with other permanent foundations such as those based on poured concrete slabs and stem walls. Additionally, the National Foundation Systems system is specifically engineered for your factory built home.

Question: I live in a modular home, can I use this product?
Answer: Yes, the Modular Support Column (MSC) employs the same technology as the Primary Support Column, featuring a universal steel head and adjustment mechanism that is secured directly to primary structural components of a modular home to optimize foundation performance.