Perimeter Support Wall

The PSW consists of a concrete surround wall and a perimeter structural support.

Concrete Surround Wall. The concrete surround wall consists of concrete panels set on concrete footings, and arranged so as to create the appearance of a poured foundation wall around the perimeter of the manufactured home.

The panels and footings are pre-cast and are fully cured prior to delivery to the home site. Special mix concrete provides high strength and very light weight. Panels are easily size-adjusted with a circular saw. Each panel weighs less than 80 pounds (~100 pounds less than panels made of normal concrete). Footings are steel-reinforced and are designed to be fixed in the desired position with anchor rods.

Perimeter Structural Support Wall. The perimeter support wall consists of steel support stands and reinforced concrete footings. The sturdy steel stands are designed to be positioned at 4-foot intervals along the perimeter sides of the manufactured home, and are mounted on the pre-cast, fully cured, steel-reinforced concrete footings.

The National Foundation Systems Perimeter Support Wall (PSW) combines these two functions into one solution through design innovation – including creating a reinforced concrete footing that can secure both the concrete surround panel and the steel perimeter support stand.

The Perimeter Support Wall (PSW) for a standard double-wide manufactured home, consists of 50 panels, 54 footings, and 36 support stands:

  • Concrete Surround Panel: T1.5″xH27″xW48″, weighs less than 80 pounds, available as solid panels, vent window panels, and access door panels.
  • Concrete Surround and Perimeter Structural Support Footing: H6″xW12″xL21.5″ (Base: 1.79 sq ft), approx 50 pounds, pre cast, steel reinforced, designed to support concrete surround panels and perimeter support stands, designed to facilitate panel leveling.
  • Perimeter Structural Support Stand: Height adjustable from 17″ to 19.5″. Each stand has a rated load of 4,000 pounds.

The concrete surround wall may be back-filled 14 to 18 inches. Painting and other surface treatment options are the same as for Hardy Plank. Cutting panels to size is as easy as cutting Hardy Plank.

The Perimeter Support Wall (PSW) is designed to be used with the Primary Support Columns (PSC) system, because it minimizes settling, reducing the related perimeter stresses on the manufactured home.