The Industry’s Leading Installation Expert

George Porter, believed by most to be the leading home installation expert in the industry (, has spent considerable time studying engineering reports and observing the performance of the System.
“This is a strong, highly durable and good looking foundation and anchoring product for both Modular and HUD Code homes. One of its main advantages; besides getting a home to qualify for government assisted mortgages, is the fact that you can easily adjust it to fit the home.  Ordinary blocks and mortar can not be changed once they are built, but this system is placed under the home when the home is on site, so it has to fit.  Not only that, it can be used over and over on different homes as in a model home display.  This System is so versatile that the industry will be finding new applications for it for years to come.”
Registered Civil Engineer
A Registered Civil Engineer in California for 18 years, along with several other western states, has had extensive experience with the “System” and has been approving foundation systems for manufactured homes for more than 7 years.  He also has a deep background in managing seismic retrofit projects for the State of California (roads, overpasses, and buildings), and leading development of building procedures for building in earthquake and high-wind zones.
“The Foundation’s ability to move relative to the ground (Base Isolation) provides protection from earthquakes.  This Base Isolation principal is the same as used with the famous Bank of America high rise (the “A-shaped” building in San Francisco), which is built on foundation piers that rest – unattached – in bowl-shaped foundation sockets.  Also, interstate overpasses are now built the same way, with foundation columns that can protect the road because they are not attached to the ground.”
“To resist damage from the forces of small shocks and vibration– including those events due to small earthquakes and high wind – the foundation must be designed to allow a small amount of motion.  A rigid foundation transmits all such forces to the supported structure.  The “Controlled Motion” designed into the foundation system allows it to dissipate these forces without damage to the structure.
Manufactured home foundations such as poured concrete with rigid attachment to the home are the opposite of Base Isolation and Controlled Motion.  These foundations do not protect manufactured homes as well.
I have never seen one of the foundation systems fail.
This ‘System’ is the new technology for manufactured homes foundations.”