Primary Support Column (PSC)

The National Foundation Systems Primary Support Columns (PSC) consist of the proper number of multi-hazard support columns, positioned according to National Foundation Systems installation specifications to optimize foundation performance.

The Basic Unit of the PSC is the Multi-Hazard Support Column. The PSC uses the number of support columns indicated by the size, weight, and configuration of the manufactured home. For a standard, doublewide manufactured home, the PSC is normally 12 support columns. Each support column consists of:

  • Concrete Footing. Pre-cast, reinforced (11 feet of steel reinforcing bar), high strength (3,000+ psi test concrete), light weight (110 pounds), 24″ by 38″ footprint. Delivered fully cured (tested to >200,000 pounds), ready for immediate use.
  • Steel Stand. High strength (tested to >35,000 pounds), attached to the footing, single-bolt coarse adjustments (2″ increments). Four base heights allow the PSC to accommodate a wide range of foundation heights.
  • Steel Head. Patented Technology. Integral part of the stand, high strength (tested to >35,000 pounds), load bearing and leveling, infinite position fine adjustment (3″), very easy single-bolt adjustment, large load bearing area, solidly bolted to the I-beam, high strength I-beam attachment mechanism is designed to accommodate different size I-beam flanges while not requiring any holes in the I-beam, bolts welded to the attachment mechanism for ease of installation with impact wrench, adjustable while bearing the full weight of the manufactured home.

24-inch Frost Depth Zones. The standard PSC fully complies with frost depth requirements where frost depth is 42 inches or less. More than 85% of the total U.S. manufactured housing marketplace to date is in areas where frost depth is 42 inches or less.